Well I am basically a week and a half in and safe to say it is exhausting!!

My teacher had 1 day off last week (as acting deputy) and was away sick today and I am so fortunate in that I got to teach a full day last week and all day today.

Incorporating ICT into the class has proven to be easy for me as all lessons taught are done on power point on the IWB. Last week students filmed their drama performance which utilized ICT and yesterday they danced to a song on youtube.

I am really enjoying prac and have learnt SO much, but still not entirely sure if the school system is where I want to end up.

Like Amanda pointed out in her blog post the content is so basic but I feel like it is content I probably haven’t used since I was in year 1 so i’m sort of learning it again haha.  It is quite simple, yet challenging for the students.


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